Sergey Gashev

Born 06.02.1961                                                                                                             #50, 96 Zhukovskogo str.

Place of birth: city of Kungur                                                                                   Tyumen 625015




September 1998 – present                           Head and Professor, Department of Zoology and Ichthyology, Faculty of Biology, Tyumen State University


September 1995-September 1998            Associate Professor, Department of Zoology and Ichthyology, Faculty of Biology, Tyumen State University


March 1987 – September 1995                  Principal Investigator, Tyumen Forest Research Station, Tyumen


November 1986 – March 1987                   Expert on Radiological, Chemical and Non-Specific Biological Research. On-duty service in the Soviet Army. Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station. Pripyat, Ukraine


July 1985 - November 1986                         Senior Engineer. Department of Zoology, Faculty of Biology, Tyumen State University


November 1983 – June 1985                       Service in the Soviet Army


August 1983 – November 1983                  Senior Laboratory Assistant, Department of Zoology. Faculty of Biology, Tyumen State University.




February 2004                                                  Tyumen State University – Dr. Biol.Sci.


November 1991                                              Institute for Ecology of Plants and Animals,

                                                                               Yekaterinburg - Cand.Biol. Sci.

July 1983                                                            Tyumen State University, Tyumen  - Diploma with Honors




More than 350 publications including 16 books and more than 150 scientific reports.




1.    Gashev S.N. Mammals of Tyumen Province: Reference and Identification Guide. TSU Publ.House – Company MIR, Tyumen, 2008. 333 p.

2.    Gashev S.N. Conspectus of lectures on System Ecology. TSU Publ.House, Tyumen, 2007. 211 p.

3.    Gashev S.N. et al. Zooindicators in the system of regional ecological monitoring of Tyumen Province: methods of usage. TSU Publ.House, Tyumen, 2006. 132 p.

4.    Gashev S.N. Stability of the ecological systems.// IV Intern. Conf. The development of the North and problems of nature restoration. Syktyvkar, 1998. - P.15-16.

5.    Gashev S.N., Kazantseva M.N., Soromotin A.V., Rybin A.V. Choice of objects and criteria for the ecological monitoring of oil-contaminated biogeocenoses of the northen taiga.// Abstr. Int. Conf. «The development of the north and problems of recultivation», Ohio, 1994. - P.98-99.




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